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Poster of Animals Effected by Climate Change

The Animals at Risk from Climate Change Poster and Presentation feature 25 animals that highlight the fundamental impacts of greenhouse gases—causes, effects and risk of extinction—on all forms of life on the planet. climate change poster Through illustrations, symbols and brief explanatory text, the complex interaction of biological traits and environmental conditions that cause a species to be susceptible to climate change are made simple and understandable. Comprehensive and thoroughly documented, this resource is a valuable and relevant educational aid.

The eyecatching and information packed 24" x 30" poster is available in folded, flat, and laminated formats, all printed in the USA on FSC certified recycled paper. The Presentation is available to download as a high resolution PDF

"Wonderful project. ...the earlier we convey this information to students the better it is for the planet." Alexander MoreHistorian and Climate Scientist, Harvard
"Very nice graphics and important messages." Dr. Paul Andrew MayewskiDirector, Climate Change InstituteUniv. of Maine
"Brilliant! As a start, every high school science classroom should have a copy of this poster." Dr. Tara Martin IUCN Species Survival Commission's Climate Change Specialist Group
"An easy, responsible, engaging resource for explanation of a very complicated process and very critical condition." Peter NeillWorld Ocean Observatory
"…brings essential conversation on climate change to the forefront through the use of this animal data to make the problem real." Jaclyn StallardProject Learning Tree
"This poster is incredible!" Education TeamPolar Bears International
"I am astounded at how awesome the poster is!" Wendy FodenChair: IUCN Species Survival Commission's Climate Change Specialist Group
"…a useful resource for teaching about climate change in biology, environmental science, and earth science classes…" Becky RemisNational Earth Science Teachers Association
"The presentation is extremely valuable for my work and teaching....You present some of the findings better than I have in the original study." Wendy FodenChair, IUCN Climate Change Specialist Group: Species Susceptibility to Climate Change Impacts
"...a key piece of information in the first deep-dive unit I’ve ever done on climate change." Diana AllenPresident, Maine Science Teachers Association

Climate Change Education Presentation

The 75 page downloadable presentation includes all the information from "Animals at Risk from Climate Change poster"—a perfect companion to the wall poster. The flexible hi-resolution PDF platform functions both as a presention slide show and printable handouts.

Animals at risk from climate change presentation

The digital Presentation is a useful tool for classroom or public demonstrations; the synergy that comes from many people coming together and reaching a collective awareness has power and can be the start of awareness and change.

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What climate experts have said about the project

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