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The essential data about ice explained in 8 infographics. Detailed charts and maps covering arctic sea ice extent, antarctica ice loss, arctic geography, winds, ice, and currents, greenland land ice loss and more. Learn the truth about ice and how it relates to the state of the world on The Global Education Project website with un-biased facts from the most reliable sources.
Arctic Sea Ice Extent Satellite based records of Arctic sea ice began in 1978. By late October of 2020, the main nursery of Arctic sea ice in Siberia had yet to start freezing. The late freeze could amplify feedbacks that cause more decline of sea ice. Less sea ice means less...
Antarctica Ice Loss
Arctic Geography, Winds, Ice, and Currents Industrial air pollution from the developed world is carried on the dominant wind currents up to the Arctic. After settling onto the tundra, snow and ice, it is absorbed into the food chain. The people and creatures there have had some of the highest...
Greenland Land Ice Loss
Historical and contemporary overview of greenhouse gas emissions and atmospheric concentrations—which countries emit the most CO2, total and per capita; methane; ocean warming and sea level rise; global temperature projections; glacier and ice loss.
Antarctic Geography, Ice, and Currents
Antarctic Geography, Ice, and Currents
Fresh Water
Only 2.5% of the world's water is fresh—the water on which the world's terrestrial life depends. Around 70% of this fresh water is frozen in ice or permafrost. How much is being used for what, and who has access to it?

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