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"This accurate and beautifully produced map is the single best resource for teaching about the Middle East I have ever seen."
- Dr. Mott T. Greene, MacArthur Fellow and Professor of Science and Values, Univ. of Puget Sound

"...I've never seen anything like it -- combining detailed information about specific hot-button issues with core data about each country and a spectacular relief depiction of an area bounded by Egypt and India. It will be an invaluable resource for secondary schools and for instructors in college courses."
- Dr. Ian Lustick, Associate Director, Solomon Asch Center for Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict, and Merriam Chair in Political Science, University of Pennsylvania.

"An intensive study of this wonderful map will impart to the viewer a lot about the problems and crisies that afflict the Middle East”
- Farhat Ziadeh, Chairman Emeritus, Dept. of Near East Studies, University of Washington.

"Extraordinarily helpful for me at a time when we so urgently need sound information."
Tom Savage, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Seattle

…."It is a very handy item and we will be displaying it here in our offices. Thank you again. We are very impressed with the map."
- Diane Davidson, Arab American Institute, Washington, DC

…."a magnificent teaching map....everything you need for a teach-in at your fingertips."
- Joan Overman, Corning, NY

…."extremely useful for me, and I'm sure for many others. Really fine project."
- Noam Chomsky, Linquisitics, MIT

"This beautifully produced map is also an impressive compilation of geographical facts, history, and cultural diversity, which will be of great interest and use to anyone who cares about the future of all of the peoples of this chronically and dangerously troubled part of the world." 
- Ed Marquand, publisher, Marquand Books

"It's really a fabulous learning tool."
- Bonnie Isadoost, University of Kansas

"Thank you for distributing this valuable item which is significant in the lives of the people of Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries."
- Richard Blakney, Seattle

"Thank you for doing Americans a great service by objectively considering this information which greatly humanizes what we so blindly call the 'MidEast' ."
- Paul and Donna Suckow, Houston

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