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Maps  Detailed historical and contemporary maps of Israel/Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East.
United Nations  Information on the structure of the UN, the signatory status of some international treaties & Security Council resolutions.
Oil  Charts of oil production, consumption and reserves.
Water  The fresh water situation in the Middle East and the world.
Military  Summaries of the military capabilities of Middle Eastern countries, military assistance from the US, and world market share of major weapons exporters.
Religion  General information on world religions and the dominant religions of the Middle East in particular.
Economics  Graphs on the economies of Middle Eastern countries, with comparisons to high income countries and trans-national corporations.
Country Profiles  Summary profiles of 25 countries including: economics, trade, human development, life expectancy, debt, government expenditures and more.
Glossary  A brief glossary of development terms.
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