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Maps Of The Middle East - The Definitive Source

Concise facts, statistics, and maps are essential for a coherent understanding of current events in the Middle East. Unfortunately, they can be hard to find amid the overwhelming number of sites available.

To address this, The Knowers Ark Educational Foundation has researched and published an impartial and rigorously footnoted information poster / map of the region.

At the same time, we have published an on-line resource site including information from the poster as well as an extensive but carefully selected links list to other on-line resources.

The poster is a great educational tool for teachers, researchers, history buffs, peace activists, and will even work by itself on the walls of libraries, classrooms, lunchrooms, staff rooms, and even washrooms (don't forget those precious educational moments!)

Colourful and attractive, readers will quickly gain an in-depth understanding about regional issues with this poster.

Both the poster and the Website include information on topics such as:

25 Country Profiles - (flags, geography, population, government, judiciary, colonisation, economics, GDP distribution, trade, demographics, government spending, human development (life expectancy, literacy, poverty, access to safe water, stunting, etc) and more...

Oil - relative production, consumption and reserves for nations and OPEC members.

Water - how much is needed and how much renewable resource is available where.

Politics - independence date from whom, government type, ect.

Geography - Regional satellite image showing vegetation and climate zones.

Demographics - Ethnic groups, religious groups, poverty, income distribution.

Maps of Iraq, Israel / Palestine, and Afghanistan.

Chart showing recent colonial control.

Religions - Relationship and distribution of the major religions in the Middle East.


Human development

International trade - imports, exports, and commodities for individual countries.

Palestine Israel history maps showing progressive partition plans, settlement, etc.

Military spending, personnel, imports, and aid in the region.

The Website:

This on-line resource includes information from the poster as well as an extensive but carefully selected links list to other sites including:

Government Web Sites

Regional News sources

Peace and Policy Organizations

General Directories

Major Statistical Sources

Human Rights

Religion Links

Water Issues in the region


Mid-East Foreign Policy

Israeli-Palestinian Issues

Online maps

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