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Maps of the Middle East

Contemporary Maps

Iraq - Large Map - Roads, oil pipelines, oil fields, ancient sites, land use areas, towns, and provincial borders.

Iraq Demographics - Ethnic and religious groups, population density.

Baghdad - An aerial photo with hospitals, universities, mosques, and the "Green Zone".

Israel and the Occupied Territories - Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, Israeli settlements, refugee camps, province borders, towns, railroads, and pipelines.

Gaza Strip 2003 - Built-up areas, refugee camps, roads, settlements, Israeli military areas and the Israeli perimeter security zone.

West Bank 2003 - Built-up areas, refugee camps, roads, settlements, Israeli military bases, checkpoints and roadblocks, military controlled roads and the partly constructed separation fence.

Greater Jerusalem - Built-up areas, roads, settlements, Israeli military bases, boundaries of New City, Old City and planned UN mandate for Jerusalem, checkpoints and roadblocks, Israeli bypass roads and the partly constructed separation fence.

Israeli/Palestinian Water Systems - Wells, pipelines, pumping stations, reservoirs, desalination plants and the Jordan River watershed.

The Middle East - Petroleum Systems Map  - Oil and gas fields, oil and gas pipelines, refineries, export terminals and US military facilities.

Map of Afghanistan
Stunting - National percentages for the stunting of children under age five.
Map of World Religions

Historical Maps

Palestine in Biblical Times
- Ancient towns, the route of the Exodus from Egypt, the conquest of Canaan by Israel, Palestine under Greco-Roman control, Palestine under Arab Caliphs, Palestine during the period of the crusades and Palestine under Turkish control.

Israel/Palestine 1949 - Israel after the 1948 war, and the 1949 Armistice Green Line.

Palestine Under British Mandate 1923 - 1948

Proposed Partition Plans 1937 - 1947 - Royal Commission, British, Anglo-American and United Nations.

Palestine 1878 - 1927 - Palestinian villages and towns, mixed towns and Zionist settlements.

1916 Sykes Picot Middle East Partition - Zones of influence and control and dates of independence for Middle Eastern countries.

Middle East 1914  - Areas of British, Ottoman, and Russian control and influence.

Jerusalem's Old City - Moslem, Jewish, Christian and Armenian quarters, gates, and sites of religious significance to Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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