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Guide to the Giza Plateau


Attractive and informative.
Required wall covering for every Egyptophile."

- John Anthony West

With photos and plan diagrams of the Sphinx you can see for yourself the
  • shafts and tunnels in and around the Sphinx
  • underground "anomalies" detected by ground penetrating radar
  • mysterious erosion on the enclosure walls
  • large stone restorations in the body of the Sphinx done during the Old Kingdom

- an utterly unique and unequalled guide to the mysterious achievements of ancient Egypt.

The photos and diagrams of the Valley Temple show you:
  • incredibly huge and weathered stone blocks of both limestone and granite
  • tube drilling in red granite, alabastar stone flooring
  • passages to the Turin limestone upper open air "courtyard"
  • breathtaking interior of the temple
  • a dramatic photograph of "Khafre" - one of the most famous sculptures in the world
  • and exactly where it was found, in pieces, just inside the entrance to the temple.

...a gorgeous map...
a real treasure!"

-Mary Lomando, tour leader

You'll be astonshished by the revealing photographs of the stonework of the Great Pyramid!
  • huge asymmetrical blocks fit together like an impossible jigsaw
  • you can see blocks that have been individually fitted on six sides!
  • casing stones weighing thousands of pounds fit together with impossibly tight joints - photographic evidence of an as yet undiscovered history of sophisticated engineering
  • perhaps not simply a megalomaniac's tomb or a "lucky to survive" pile of bricks!
These photos will have you pondering for hours about the how and why of these structures

If you have ever worked with hand or power tools in wood or stone you'll be amazed at the photographic evidence of stone working on this poster
  • rare photos of seldom seen evidence of consummate mastery of mechanical methods
  • crisp straight saw cuts and fast boring tube drills
  • unbelievable sculpture in the most difficult of stone materials
  • immaculate lathe turned bowls from before the pyramid building dynasties!
  • evidence of lathe turning and finish polishing in hard stone

"Excellent, detailed, and useful."
- Mott Greene, PhD, MacArthur Fellow, University of Puget Sound

Beyond astronomical alignments, inexplicable stone working and colossal feats of engineering, this poster includes more about:
  • the discovery and location of the deep shaft under the causeway of the second pyramid
  • the Ancient Egyptians' simple but sophisticated method of teaching beginning mathematics
  • their ability to calculate the area of a sphere or the volume of a partial pyramid
  • the mathematical relations inherent in the ground plan at Giza, the King's chamber, and the geometry of the Great Pyramid itself
  • the ancient Egyptians' seldom acknowledged ability to do sophisticated diagnosis AND PROGNOSIS of head trauma based on neurological symptoms
  • the mysterious deep shafts recently located above the worker's necropolis
  • the huge stone boxes in the Serapheum, underground near the Step Pyramid at Saqqara
  • a great list of authors for further reading and research.
You and your friends will marvel at the numerous mysteries detailed in this publication.

This poster guide map was the first ever published contour map of the complete Giza plateau showing all of the pyramids, tombs and mastabas to be combined with dozens of photos and an index to the exact location of hundreds of extraordinary features located on the plateau.

With this map, your interest in Ancient Egypt will be rewarded in a myriad of ways - some perhaps hard to imagine.

BUT - Don't delay - There are now only a few hundred of the original edition of this poster left.
Don't miss out - order now!

- John Legon, B.Sc., Physicist


If you are fortunate enough to explore the Giza plateau with this map in hand,
you can:
  • plan a day's visit in advance - before dealing with the numerous guides on the plateau!
  • show your guide exactly where you want to go and know that you are actually getting there!
  • feel free to explore the maze of the Mastaba field - with the details shown on the map you can always find your way and avoid getting lost
  • visit the less seldom seen features of the Giza plateau shown on the map
  • see for yourself the exact same unsolved stone working mysteries shown in the photographs
  • use the map to find the exact locations of recent discoveries in the news
  • watch the movements of the sun and the stars and witness for yourself the stellar and solar alignments of the causeways and pyramids
  • read the Old Kingdom King�s list and cultural information on the poster and know who is credited with building what you are seeing
  • feel free to explore "off the beaten track" and know your exact location on the ground (topographic contours and compass directions are on the map - scales in feet and meters)
  • find your way to sites you want to see rather than your camel driver's choices
  • easily locate specific entrances, roads, toilets, the laser show pavilion & gift store, tombs, temples and dozens of unique features.

Back home again, the poster guide will help you organize your photos and videos and it's a great help when explaining your adventures and experiences to your family and friends. It will remain an intriguing and educational souvenir of perennial interest.

With over 85 unusual colour photos, diagrams and illustrations surrounding a comprehensive and detailed map of the entire Giza Plateau, this 27" x 35" poster contains more diverse information about Giza than any other single published source. It is invaluable for:
  • tours to the Sphinx and Pyramids
  • classroom studies of Ancient Egypt
  • professional academic reference.

-our supply is now very limited
- Don't miss out - order now!

  • $29.75 Laminated
  • $17.95 Folded Out of print
(in US dollars)

After ordering and studying this poster you'll probably have a better overview of the unexplained mysteries of Egypt than most people on the planet. You won't be wondering if such mysteries exist - you'll know! The unretouched photos and diagrams are the proof.

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