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The "satellite" pyramids are small pyramids that sit next to the three main pyramids at Giza. There are four satellite pyramids on the eastern side of the Great Pyramid, one on the south side of the Second Pyramid, and three on the south side of the Third Pyramid.
The map (below left) a section of "The Guide to the Giza Plateau" and the photo (below right), show the Pyramid Temple (lined with basalt paving stones) and the four satellite pyramids. The small fourth satellite pyramid was recently discovered and excavated.

The diagrams below show three of the satellite pyramids next to the Great Pyramid, identified
(from north to south) as GI-a, GI-b, GI-c.

Three satellite pyramids sit on the south side of the Third Pyramid. They are identified
(from east to west) as GIII-a, GIII-b and GIII-c.

On the east side of each of the three great pyramids sits a Pyramid Temple, connected by a causeway to a valley temple.The diagrams below show the floor plans of the pyramid temples of the Great Pyramid, Second Pyramid and Third Pyramid based on diagrams which appear in I.E.S. Edwards' "The Pyramids of Egypt." Edwards cites the work of J.P. Lauer, U. Holscher and Col. H. Vyse as the basis for reconstructing the floor plans from excavated remains.
Pyramid Temple of the Great Pyramid

Pyramid Temple of the Great Pyramid, showing remains of basalt paving stones

Pyramid Temple of the Second Pyramid

Pyramid Temple of the Third Pyramid

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