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The Grand Gallery
(Section view looking from the south and elevation view looking from the east)
Grand  Gallery South viewGrand Gallery East Elevation

The King's Chamber, "Antechamber" and Passage to the Grand Gallery
(Isometric View)
The King's Chamber
The King's Chamber (Elevation Views)

The King's Chamber Elevations
For geometry of the King's Chamber see Dimensions and Mathematics of the Great Pyramid

The Queen's Chamber
(Isometric View)
The Queen's Chamber
The Queen's Chamber (Elevation Views)

The Queen's Chamber Elevations

The Subterranean Chamber
(Isometric View)
The Subterranean Chamber
The Subterranean Chamber (Elevation View)

The Subterranean Chamber Elevation
The Subterranean Chamber (Plan view from above)

Objects Found in the Great Pyramid

These objects were found by Waynman Dixon, a member of Charles Piazzi Smyth's team, in the northern shaft of the Queen's Chamber in 1872. In "The Great Pyramid", published in 1878, these objects were described by Smyth as "a little bronze grapnel hook; a portion of cedar-like wood which might have been it's handle; and a grey-granite or green-stone ball...8325 grains". A recent search to trace the whereabouts of these objects has been unsuccessful.
Iron Plate
This small piece of non-meteoric iron was found in the southern shaft of the King's Chamber by J.R. Hill in 1837. A chemical and microscopic test was performed in 1989 by Dr. El Gayer and Dr. M.P. Jones, who concluded in a report published in the "Journal of the Historical Metallurgy Society" that "the plate was incorporated within the Pyramid at the time that structure was built."

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