Jordan 88
Independence: 25 May 1946 from UK
Government type: Constitutional monarchy
Population: 5,153,378
Area: 92,300 sq km Land: 91,971 sq km Arable land: 4% Irrigated land: 630 sq km
Infant mortality rate: 20.36 deaths/1,000 live births
Total fertility rate: 3.29 children born/woman
Religions: Sunni Muslim 92%, Christian 6% (majority Eastern Orthodox)
Ethnic groups: Arab 98%, Circassian 1%, Armenian 1%
Judicial branch: Court of Cassation; Supreme Court
Legal system: based on Islamic law and French codes
GDP per capita: $3,500 GDP: agriculture: 3% industry: 25% services: 72%
Unemployment rate: 15% official rate; actual rate is 25%-30%
Literacy — male: 93.4% female: 79.4%
Exports: $2 billion Commodities: phosphates, fertilizers, potash, agricultural products, manufactures
Exports partners: India, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, EU, Indonesia, UAE, Lebanon, Kuwait, Syria, Ethiopia
Imports: $4 billion Commodities: crude oil, machinery, transport equipment, food, live animals, manufactured goods Imports partners: Iraq, Germany, US, Japan, UK, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, Syria, China
Telephones — main lines in use: 403,000 Internet Service Providers: 5
Manpower fit for military service: 1,034,109
Military expenditures: $608.9 million — 7.8% of GDP