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Exterior Dimensions
Exact measurements of the Great Pyramid were first made by W.M. Flinders Petrie, and published in 1883 by the Royal society in his book, "The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh". The Great Pyramid was professionally surveyed by J.H. Cole, and the measurements were published in his "Determination of the Exact Size and Orientation of the Great Pyramid", published by Government Press, Cairo, 1925. Many of these measurements were subsequently recorded in "The Great Pyramid Decoded", by Peter Lemesurier, 1977.

Height (including capstone):   480.69 feet

Courses:   201 (40 storeys)

Length of Sides:
  West:   755.76 feet
  North:  755.41 feet
  East:  755.87 feet
  South:  756.08 feet

Perimeter: 3023.22 feet

Angle of Corners
 Northwest:   89° 59’58”
 Northeast:   90° 3’02”
 Southeast:   89° 56’02”
 Southwest:   90° 3’02”

(Distance from the apex, or highest point, down one side to the center of a base):
  610 feet

Slope of North Face: 51° 50’40”

Area of the Base: 13 acres

Number of Blocks: more than 2.5 million

Weight of Blocks: 2-70 tons each

Size of original limestone casing stones: Some weigh 15 tons each

Latitude of the Apex: 29° 58’51” North

Longitude of the Apex: 31° 8’2” East

Dimensions of Interior Chambers
From measurements taken by Petrie and Rutherford

Ascending Passage
 Height:   3.94 ft
 Length:   97.6 ft
 Width:    3.4 ft
 Slope:    26°

Descending Passage:
 Height:    3.94 ft
 Length:   344.3 ft
 Width:   3.4 ft
 Slope:   26° 30’

Subterranean Chamber:
 Length:    46.1 ft
 Width:   26.9 ft

Dead End Passage Length: 53.8 ft

Grand Gallery
 Height:   28.2 ft.
 Width:    3.4 ft
 Length:   156.9 ft
 Slope: 26°

King’s Chamber
 Length:    34.38 ft
 Width:    17.19 ft
 Height (to floor surface):    17.1 ft
 Height (to true base):   19.2 ft

Queen’s Chamber
 Passage (first portion)
    Height: 3.9 ft
    Width: 3.4 ft.
 Passage (second protion)
    Height: 5.6
    Width: 3.4 ft
 Length (E to W):    18.9 ft
 Width (N to S):    17.19 ft
 Height:    15.3 ft
 Height to Apex:   20.3
 Slope of ceiling:    30° 26’

Angle of “Air Shafts”
 Queen’s Chamber
    North: 39°
    South: 39° 30’
 King’s Chamber
    North: 32° 28’
    South: 45°

PI Ratio of the Great Pyramid
Pi ratio

PHI Ratio of the Great Pyramid
PHI ratio

Dimensions of the King's Chamber

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