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One Big Picture: Canadian NGO packs the state of the planet onto a single page.

Cortes Island, BC, Canada - The Global Education Project, a BC organization with a 15-year history of publishing educational wall charts, has just released its latest project titled Earth: A Graphic Look at the State of the World.

Packed with over 100 colourful maps and graphs, the 27" by 36" wall chart gives a wide-angle view of the world's most critical humanitarian and environmental issues - from climate change and fisheries to population, energy supply and poverty. An Earth web site,, presents the wall chart's contents online.

Designed with educators in mind, Earth is intended to bring important global issues to the attention of the general public. "Few people have time to ferret out the most relevant numbers buried in dozens of thick reports," said Adam McKenty, one of the team that produced the wall chart. "We wanted to pull the crucial issues together and make them easily accessible."

"There's a chapter's worth of information in every graphic on the piece," McKenty said. A colour-coded map of human life expectancy, for example, shows the continental gap between southern Africa, where an average life ends at age 40, and parts of the industrialized world where people can expect to live twice that long. Other striking illustrations cover the steep rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide, the decline of the world's forests, and the increasing economic disparity within and among nations.

The GEP specializes in providing non-partisan information on controversial subjects. "By staying with solid, well-referenced facts, we can get across some startling information to a very broad readership," McKenty said. Most of the data on the Earth wall chart comes from United Nations statistics, official government agencies, and academic publications.

The centre of the wall chart features a detailed map of the world's eco-regions and ocean currents, surrounded by sections on fresh water, the oceans, climate change, development, energy supply, warfare, wealth, food and soil, species at risk, and human conditions. Each chart, graph, or map is accompanied by a source citation and web address, making the publication a boon for researchers looking for comprehensive environmental data.

The Global Education Project's previous publication, The Middle East, is used at many Canadian and US universities including Harvard, Yale, York University, and the University of Toronto. Dr. Mott Greene, a MacArthur Fellow at the University of Puget Sound, called The Middle East an "accurate and beautifully produced map ... the single best resource for teaching about the Middle East I have ever seen."

The Earth wall chart is available folded ($17.95) or laminated ($29.50) and can be purchased online at, through bookstores in Canada and the US, or ordered from:

The Global Education Project
PO Box 241 Mansons Landing, BC
V0P 1K0 Canada


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"Visually and factually stunning..." - Alan Solomonow, American Friends Service Committee

"With this on the wall you are sure to spark visitor or student interest. The presentation is visually attractive and the information is properly referenced with reliable sources." - Robert Sanford, Associate Prof. of Environmental Science & Policy University of Southern Maine

"Very useful for educators and students around the world" - Diileep Bhagwut, Science & Technology Education, UNESCO

"Wow! A really great and useful site. I will certainly use it in my teaching." - Dr. Dickson Despommier, Columbia University

"...a comprehensive information source for anyone who cares about the world that our children will inherit from us." - Maria Pop, Rodale Institute

"These great posters will be provided to all science teachers in our local school district from grades 6-12 as a curriculum supplement." - Alejandra Roman, National Council for Science and the Environment

"...a wonderful resource." - S. Shields, Oklahoma Dept. of Environment

"The poster is great and I plan to use it a lot. Already shared it with other teachers and they love it too." - Jean D'Angelo, High School Agriscience Teacher

"Very useful in helping us develop materials for various projects and for students in the secondary grades." - Sonia Giovannina Vani, Council of Canadians

" awesome site. I have only begun to explore it. But what a tremendous resource." - Robert McAfee, Executive Director, Arkansas Environmental Education Association

"Your poster is ideal for my teachers' institute - rich in data on many different facets of the earth system... This data will provide a rich source of questions to drive inquiry..." - David L. Smith, Ph.D., Director of Professional Development, Da Vinci Discovery Center, Allentown, PA